Learning Objectives

Friendship Day School standards exceed the state common core standards of the National Council of Teacher Education and the National Council of Teaching Mathematics.

Character Building

FDS provides a safe place to learn and play. Scholars engage in character-building discussions and activities.


Our learning paradigm integrates the science of mindfulness. Our age-appropriate mindfulness training helps children develop coping skills they can use in stressful situations, learn self-regulation techniques, and exercise problem-solving skills.

Physical Education

Physical activity helps children develop gross motor skills, learn how to play by rules, and learn how to play as a team. Students who participate in physical fitness activities not only strengthen physically but also improve their ability to focus, get better grades overall, and even perform better on standardized tests.


Language is the basis for all human connection. Studies show that participation in foreign language programs at an early age benefit cognitively throughout their lives. At FDS, we believe that the study of the Spanish language opens young minds to a new culture, encourages mental flexibility, and promotes tolerance of diversity.

Learning Environment

At Friendship Day School for the Sciences and the Arts, your child will thrive in this abundant learning environment. Our scholars will:

  • develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills to engage in 21st-century challenges
  • gain exposure to academic rigor that prepares him/her for the competitive environments of college-bound students
  • participate in an accelerated curriculum with strong focus on the scientific method of thinking
  • be prepared for a global society by exposure to other cultures and languages, including off-campus field trips
  • learn self-direction and responsibility through guided meditation, character building, freedom of express, and exploration
  • experience learning in small class sizes and receive individualized instruction
  • enhance his/her artistic ability and verbal skills through an innovative and integrated arts program