Music & Arts

The arts surround us—the music we listen to, the pictures we see, product logos, and even the food we eat. We must experience and learn of these to know and awaken the musician or artist within us. Arts and cultural experiences not only teach about what is in front of us—but also the feeling behind it. At FDS, the Arts include a comprehensive, innovative, engaging, and integrated program. Scholars have the opportunity to learn about, enjoy, and participate fully in the arts including:

  • Visual Arts Instruction
  • Suzuki Violin Program
  • Mindfulness
  • An arts council that plans on-site and field trips and activities
  • A partnership with Bechtler Museum of Modern Art

Suzuki Violin Program

Every scholar participates in violin music classes where they develop skills that will benefit them throughout their lifetime. There is considerable research demonstrating the cognitive, physical, and social benefits of childhood music education. In fact, children with musical training of a stringed instrument gain an understanding of mathematical concepts and physics as well as benefit mentally and socially.

We provide instruction following the Suzuki violin method, an internationally known instrumental teaching system developed in Japan by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. Children learn to speak by listening; they are able to do the same to learn violin.

Teacher showing students how to play harp Students learning how to play violin Student standing with violin