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Positive scholars with strong work ethics, leadership skills, and values are our aim. Seeing your child take flight is one of the most wonderful aspects of parenting, and when you choose Friendship Day School for the Sciences and the Arts, you are setting your child on the path to success. Friendship Day School for the Sciences and the Arts is open to youth of all faiths and ethnicities.

Sciences and Arts

We emphasize engagement, exploration, and evaluation of the world through the lens of science by utilizing the scientific method to help our scholars develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Our STEM lab allows our scholars to explore various concepts and learn to work cohesively with their peers.

Participation in the arts builds self-confidence, teaches perseverance, and develops imagination. We encourage our scholars to appreciate the arts as they grow artistically and discover their own talents.

Core Values

Our staff members serve as models of our universal core spiritual values. We encourage our scholars to be confident, self-directed, and curious. We prepare them to ask tough questions about life and to discover what really matters. We guide scholars to embrace humanity and exhibit compassion in their daily interactions, which will qualify them to solve local and global issues as they venture into the world.

What Parents are Saying About FDS

"Hello Mrs. McKinley,

I am reaching out to applaud you and your staff for the Black History Month program that was organized for our children. The kids presentations were wonderful, you all did an excellent job! Also, we enjoyed the spectacular culture performance that was done by the Sounds of Africa. It took our minds back to “The Mother Land”.

We look forward to enjoying more of these wonderful events that showcase our kid’s unique abilities."

-Kindergarten Parent

“FDS has succeeded in meeting the demands of this critical time in our society. My scholar is learning and doing well. I am proud.” 

-3rd Grade Parent

“There are so many exceptional things that can be stated about Friendship Day School! After attending Marizetta Kerry CDC for several years, just down the hall, Friendship Day School was created and accessible to our son in time for him to attend kindergarten. Since then, our son continues to excel in academics, arts, sciences, and character building. We attribute this to the sincere nature in which Friendship Day School focuses on preparing scholars for their future. Integration of other languages such as Spanish, violin lessons, and mindfulness are also major components of our scholar’s curriculum.

Aside from classroom scholarship, educational field trips and school events are always overflowing with fun and excitement, even for parents! Friendship Day School offers a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes volunteering feel effortless. There is so much offered, and just to name a few: the North Carolina Zoo, attendance at a live symphony, field day, fall festival, and Scholastic Book Fair have all provided opportunities for us to share in our son’s learning and build relationships with other parents. Also, as a Friendship Day School Parent Group member, we admire the enthusiasm and commitment that parents possess. Although smaller in size, Friendship Day School has displayed how collectively, parents and school staff can make big things happen for our school!

Even in the midst of uncertainty with the current pandemic, Friendship Day School continues to maintain communication with families and seek creative ways to ensure that everyone can remain active and aware. All-in-all, Mrs. Comer and ALL staff deserve continued praise and esteem for providing such a pleasant and trustworthy learning environment. We absolutely love sharing our school experiences with others…We wholeheartedly love Friendship Day School!”

- Ashley and Mack, 2nd Grade Parents